[iolib-devel] Re: On iolib-posix, OSICAT and FFI interfaces

Luís Oliveira luismbo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 16:14:35 UTC 2007

On 28/07/07, Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus at random-state.net> wrote:
>  OSICAT: something very much like now, including pathname functions
>  portable across multiple platforms -- either using interfaces that
>  are flexible enough, or staying clear of platform specific hair even
>  when it means missing functionality.
>  WIN32-SYS & POSIX-SYS: low-level APIs. Should be possible to use
>  without thinking about "CFFI", or "Alien", or whatever the FFI layer is.
>  As high-level as possible while remaining an accurate mapping and as low-level
>  as it needs to be for the needs of accuracy and efficiency.

Here's a first shot at that. Includes texinfo documentation, tests and
a few new functions mostly stolen from cl-fad:

   git clone http://common-lisp.net/~loliveira/soc07/osicat.git

(Converted the CVS history to Git.)

The posix module works, compiles and passes all tests on windows but I
haven't tested the high-level bits yet or thought about how to handle
the missing functionality there at all.

I don't have any immediate plans to work much more on it at least
until August 20th except for perhaps updating the Osicat webpage
if/when you (Nikodemus and the others) feel this branch is OK.

Luís Oliveira

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