[iolib-devel] socket example

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 02:15:53 UTC 2007

>> My "farmer" (manage a farm of machines for distributed computations),
>> called Philip-Jose, uses iolib for exchanging messages. Though I
>> haven't completed yet the farmer as such, the basic client/server
>> network infrastructure is there for you to reuse. I've just made it
>> asdf-installable for your sake.
>>  http://www.cliki.net/philip-jose

On 22/04/07, Mikhail Shevchuk <mikhail.shevchuk at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had some issues while trying to install this "farmer". It depends on
> another package, called cl-launch, which I can't install.
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I repackaged cl-launch. Now the debian
package doesn't depend on c-l-c but only suggests it. I also made it

Please tell me if that solves your issues.

Note that I am actively working on philip-jose, and hope to complete
the farmer within two weeks and make a real release then. It now uses
arnesi's call-cc and that's a lot of fun.

> I have looked at the sources of Philip-Jose, but I can't figure out,
> where iolib is used because can't find any docs on iolib :(
iolib is used in the .asd file (:iolib :io.multiplex :net.dns-client)
and the packages file (:net.sockets :iomux). Example uses are in
tcp-server and tcp-client.

Example use:
(simple-client (list #xf00 :bar) "localhost" 7)
It requires the TCP echo service to be enabled in your inetd.

I hope this helps.

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