[gsharp-devel] ESA changes

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cam.ac.uk
Wed May 10 13:06:13 UTC 2006


I made some changes to the esa ("emacs-style application") module in
climacs this morning.  The main point of it all was to allow commands
to take arguments through the regular clim mechanisms, rather than
prompting for their arguments themselves.  For most uses, this is a
relatively invisible change, but it does allow for some potentially
interesting functionality.  For instance, it's fairly easy to write a
hook in the clim listener to make .gsh files clickable, and to make
them load into an already-running gsharp: see
<http://www-jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk/~csr21/scriptable-gsharp.png> for a
non-interactive demo.

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