[gsharp-devel] redraw buglets

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 19 17:17:57 UTC 2004

Robert Strandh <strandh at labri.fr> writes:

> Christophe Rhodes writes:
>  > Unfortunately, this isn't yielding information about why it's spending
>  > so much time in GCD, though my suspicion would land on integer or
>  > ratio division.
> I suspect you are right.  I use fractions alot, and the GCD would be
> called not only for division, but also for additions, multiplications,
> etc. 

I had a look at sbcl's own routines, and it turns out that there is
currently (and probably in sbcl-0.8.13, due out soon, but probably not
in sbcl- a large avoidable inefficiency in SBCL's (and I
believe also CMUCL's) BIGNUM-GCD.  I'm working on patching the system,
and I'll report back once I have some numbers.


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