[elephant-devel] Serializer compatibility

Alex Mizrahi killerstorm at newmail.ru
Tue Feb 24 18:29:17 UTC 2009

 LPP> I spawned a thread that does some heavy slot access. So maybe
 LPP> the serializer isn't entirely multi-thread or multi-process safe
 LPP> yet?

maybe. there were some issues with it (trivial ones), who knows,
maybe we've overlooked something.

if you have a multi-core system and value stability over performance, i 
recommend binding you lisp process to a single core (via taskset in Linux, 
for example).
this way multithreading-related issues will have much less chances to 
there could be issues with SBCL itself, SBCL developers do not claim that
they have 100% thread-safe code in all places, and i've seen some version of 
crashing under multithreaded load. 

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