[elephant-devel] Advice on multiple deploying multiple applications/repositories

John develgenius at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 21:31:59 UTC 2009

Since our interest is to use Lisp and Elephant to create web applications,
I'd like to request some deployment advise for Lisp and/or Elephant.

Our intention is to have Apache in front of a Lisp image running some web
server, where Apache will simply allow us to proxy/load-balance traffic.
Maybe we could have Lisp running in a large machine "fronted" by multiple
Apache servers.

Imagine we want to offer to separate services. One would allow people to
maintain a list of friends and contacts (AKA a contact database) and the
other will allow people to maintain a To-Do List.

We thought we could have a single Lisp instance listen for requests based on
URL or entry points. Each application would have its own data store. By
default, Elephant functions use *store-controller* to connect to the data
store. However, since we'll have multiple data stores, the question is:
should we be rebinding *store-controller* for each application, pass a
specific :sc argument to all our function calls, or simply have multiple
Lisp instances running and listening on different ports for each

I thought we could just have a single Lisp instance for all the applications
we wanted to deploy, but am confused as to how a single Elephant instance
could handle multiple stores, one for each application, or better yet, what
would be the most advisable deployment model for something like this.

Thanks in advanced,
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