[elephant-devel] WARNING

Ian Eslick eslick at csail.mit.edu
Fri Jan 19 20:17:15 UTC 2007


I'm very sorry for the state of CVS and the delay in getting it put  
back together.  Once I have my local copy functioning again, I'll  
download the latest HEAD and make sure it works, at least, with Mac  
and Allegro.  I promise to send a mail to the list when HEAD is  
(mostly) working again.

As for the aforementioned event: my wife gave birth to twin daughters  
about a week ago and was on bed rest a few weeks before that; my  
hacking time was more severely curtailed than I'd hoped.  Of course  
after the birth we discovered new extremes of sleep deprivation and  
I'm sure no one wants to see the code I would have generated then!

I'll roll your suggestions and bug fixes into my local copy.


On Jan 19, 2007, at 2:24 PM, Henrik Hjelte wrote:

> I saw that some new files were checked in, so I
> tried to get the new version going. This is how far I've got so far:
> One file missing:
> src/db-bdb/bdb-symbol-tables.lisp
> Some defgeneric forms in controller had ((sc store-controller)) as
> argument instead of (store-controller).
> When compiling against the Berkey DB 4.4.20 (the latest generation  
> 4.4 i
> found), I had to comment out the function db_compact in libberkeley- 
> db.c
> in order to make it compile.
> I have a small suggestion to ele-bdb.asd below:
> (defun get-config-option (option component)
>   (unless *bdb-config*
>     (let ((filespec (make-pathname :defaults (asdf:component-pathname
> (asdf:component-system component))
>                                            :name "my-config"
>                                            :type "sexp")))
>       (unless (probe-file filespec)
>         (error "Missing file. Copy config.sexp in elephant root
> directory to my-config.sexp and edit it appropriately."))
>       (with-open-file (config filespec)
>         (setf *bdb-config* (read config)))))
>   (cdr (assoc option *bdb-config*)))
> I have also found a bug in clsql-collections, the method
> cursor-pset. Position should have a :test #'equal to make it work with
> strings.
> (defmethod cursor-pset ((cursor sql-secondary-cursor) key)
>   (declare (optimize (speed 3)))
>   (unless (cursor-initialized-p cursor)
>     (cursor-init cursor))
>   (let ((idx (position key (:sql-crsr-ks cursor) :test #'equal)))
>     (if idx
>         (progn
>           (setf (:sql-crsr-ck cursor) idx)
>           (setf (:dp-nmbr cursor) 0)
>           (cursor-current-x cursor :returnpk t))
>         (cursor-un-init cursor)
>         )))
> And congratulations on the joyful event. Was it Christmas?
> /Henrik Hjelte
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