Where to go with EQL5 and QT specific questions?

Erik Winkels aerique at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 27 11:13:02 UTC 2021


> On 04-03-2021 20:52 Renaud Casenave-Péré <renaud at casenave-pere.fr> wrote:
> Packages have been uploaded, together with an aarch64 version. 
> Same for eql5.

Thanks again for all the work.

> No static libraries yet,though.

What does this mean?  Would this be needed if I do a `CONFIG += standalone`[1] in the `eql5-sfos.pro` file?  (This might be why I have the issue mentioned below.)

So, I've compiled `eql5-sfos` standalone in my build environment (https://git.sr.ht/~aerique/sfosbid), they all (armv7hl, aarch64 & i486) build fine and the armv7hl even works on my phone.

However, once I add Drakma as a dependency in `lisp/app.asd` and `lisp/dependencies.lisp` I get the follow error when running the app on my phone: 

    $ eql5-sfos 
    [D] unknown:0 - Using Wayland-EGL
    Condition of type: SIMPLE-ERROR
    Package ((SB-BSD-SOCKETS . #<SB-BSD-SOCKETS package>)) referenced in compiled file
    but has not been created
    Available restarts:
    1. (IGNORE) Ignore the error, and try the operation again
    Top level in: #<process TOP-LEVEL 0xb9a12fc0>.

I do not see any obvious errors or warnings during build and I've tried requiring and quickloading `sb-bsd-sockets` in different places but to no avail.  It is not obvious to me what I need to do and where to fix this.

Is this due to what Daniel pointed out earlier about not being able to load `.fas` files when ECL has been configure with `--disable-shared`?


[1] See, for `standalone`: https://redmine.casenave.fr/projects/eql5-sfos/repository

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