Static Compilation Issues

Ava Fox dev at
Fri Nov 27 18:08:42 UTC 2020


drakma does not list uiop/asdf/sb-bsd-sockets in it's asd system definition.

I did try and add those systems into the example system definition, but 
I ended up with the same result: lisp compiles fine, gcc compiles fine, 
but then the static executable throws the same errors.

I'll submit a proper issue about it.



On 26/11/2020 06:07, Daniel Kochmański wrote:
> Hey Ava,
> are all dependencies specified in drakma? i.e sb-bsd-sockets, uiop and asdf?
> If not, please try add them as dependencies of your project. If that doesn't
> work then please file an issue with a source code you've used and dump from
> the console of what is happening (including commands you issue).
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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> On Thursday, 26 November 2020 00:46, Ava Fox <dev at> wrote:
>> I've been learning how to create static executables with ECL and was
>> looking at the provided example that uses an ASDF system that has
>> defined dependencies
>> (
>> When following the readme, and building it as-is with Quicklisp fetching
>> alexandria (the only dependency specified) it works fine.
>> However, when I change that dependency to include a project such as
>> drakma it compiles fine but then throws SIMPLE-ERROR when I run the
>> resulting static executable, saying that various uiop/asdf packages and
>> sb-bsd-sockets cannot be found.
>> Exact error:
>> Condition of type: SIMPLE-ERROR
>> Package ((SB-BSD-SOCKETS . #<SB-BSD-SOCKETS package>)) referenced in
>> compiled file
>>    NIL
>> but has not been created
>> Exact packages being listed as not being found: :sb-bsd-sockets,
>> :uiop/filesystem, :uiop/os, :uiop/pathname, :asdf/operate, :asdf/lisp-action
>> Any help or ideas would be appreciated, I am just unsure of where to go
>> from here.
>> ECL version: 20.4.24
>> Operating System: Linux Kernel 5.8.18

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