Static Compilation Issues

Ava Fox dev at
Wed Nov 25 23:46:34 UTC 2020

I've been learning how to create static executables with ECL and was 
looking at the provided example that uses an ASDF system that has 
defined dependencies 
When following the readme, and building it as-is with Quicklisp fetching 
alexandria (the only dependency specified) it works fine.

However, when I change that dependency to include a project such as 
drakma it compiles fine but then throws SIMPLE-ERROR when I run the 
resulting static executable, saying that various uiop/asdf packages and 
sb-bsd-sockets cannot be found.

Exact error:

Condition of type: SIMPLE-ERROR
Package ((SB-BSD-SOCKETS . #<SB-BSD-SOCKETS package>)) referenced in 
compiled file
but has not been created

Exact packages being listed as not being found: :sb-bsd-sockets, 
:uiop/filesystem, :uiop/os, :uiop/pathname, :asdf/operate, :asdf/lisp-action

Any help or ideas would be appreciated, I am just unsure of where to go 
from here.

ECL version: 20.4.24

Operating System: Linux Kernel 5.8.18

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