Windows 10

Marius Gerbershagen marius.gerbershagen at
Wed Nov 25 18:32:00 UTC 2020

Dear Garrett,

the error you get is due to ECL not finding its compiler binary (the
compiler is build as a separate fasl which is loaded on demand). Can you
check whether the file obtained from (translate-logical-pathname
#P"SYS:CMP.NEWEST") exists? What value is the variable
c::*ecl-library-directory* bound to?

Note also that you will likely experience trouble with ECL 20.4.24 on
cygwin when compiling many files unless you incorporate the following
workaround for cygwin problems with fork:


Am 25.11.20 um 18:36 schrieb Garrett Dangerfield:
> I got the 20.4.24 tarball and actually managed to compile it on Windows
> 10 using cygwin gcc.
> Got it to run and it seems to work pretty well from what I've seen so far.
> However, the goal of my doing all this was to be able to link Lisp code
> to C/C++ code and compile-file doesn't want to work.
> With this simple lisp file named t2.lsp:
> (defun gpdtest ()
>   (print "we did it"))
> When I do this (when in the same directory):
> (compile-file "t2.lsp" :system-p t)
> I get this back:
> Condition of type: FILE-ERROR
> Filesystem error with pathname #P"SYS:CMP.NEWEST".
> Which makes no sense to me.
> If I do this:
> (probe-file "t2.lsp")
> I get back:
> #P"/cygdrive/c/Users/danger/gcl/t2.lsp"
> Thoughts?
> Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question. :-)
> Thanks,
> Garrett Dangerfield.

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