[PATCH] Fix Unicode handling in :INVERT readtable and :CASE :COMMON pathnames

Vladimir Sedach vas at oneofus.la
Sun May 10 23:06:20 UTC 2020

Marius Gerbershagen <marius.gerbershagen at gmail.com> writes:
> thank you very much for the bug reports and patches. I have
> incorporated your changes in the develop branch of the git
> repository. If you have any more bug fixes in the future, it would be
> preferable to directly open a merge request at
> https://gitlab.com/embeddable-common-lisp/ecl/ instead of sending
> patches to the mailing list, since it makes things easier for us.

One more question. Is there a reason you decided to keep
buffer_write_char in write_symbol.d? This seems like double-buffering
to me - shouldn't the stream take care of the buffering? In my simple
test there did not seem to be a performance difference, and the code
was simpler. Am I missing something?

Vladimir Sedach
Software engineering services in Los Angeles https://oneofus.la

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