Combining ~T and ~<~:;~>

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Mon Feb 3 08:54:00 UTC 2020

Hello Eric,

Eric Timmons writes:

> I've been using ECL to compile SBCL on aarch64, but I can't do it
> without patching the sources. There is a warning triggered during the
> build (only on aarch64) with a format string that contains:
> ~<~%~9T~:;~/sb-impl:print-type/:~>
> ECL chokes on this due to the ~T in the ~:; clause. Why is that not
> allowed? It seems like a reasonable thing to do at first glance.
> -Eric

We've fixed issues with bootstrapping sbcl from ecl /after/ the 16.1.3
release (a new version will be released soon); for details please see: (~T problem) (other issues)

Please try building ECL from a develop branch and then bootstrap SBCL
from this build.

Best regards,

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