ECL cross-compiled for 'aarch64' considered stable?

PR polos.ruetz at
Mon Mar 11 09:06:18 UTC 2019

2019-03-10 23:59 GMT+01:00, PR <polos.ruetz at>:
> Did anybody here run ECL on aarch64, and is it considered to be stable?
> I'm asking because of my EQL5-Android project: I successfully compiled
> the REPL example to aarch64, but I encountered a severe memory
> corruption at startup [...]

...answering myself: it seems that I got confused by all the different
32bit/64bit cross compiled versions of ECL sitting on my computer, so
I just mixed it up in one place.
After rebuilding everything from scratch, the memory corruption
doesn't happen anymore.

Sorry for the noise.


P.S. ...and yes, ECL seems to run just fine on aarch64. I will add the
scripts to cross-compile it to my EQL5-Android project, if you are
interested in building it yourself.

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