[PATCH] Improved error detection and reporting in RESTART-BIND

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Sat Jul 20 16:03:04 UTC 2019

I see, in that case please make a merge request on
gitlab.common-lisp.net, we'll go through peer review there and I'll
merge it locally when all is fine and push to the repository we use.

Here is a link to ecl repository mirror:

>    hosted at gitlab.com (however it would be nice to move to
>    gitlab.common-lisp.net, just /not now/),

I've found writing ecl quarterly too time consuming given I work also on
other projects, I wouldn't take everything I wrote then at face
value. At some point I've decided that gitlab repository is good enough
for time being and moving it will introduce another big confusion among
contributors (and I want to avoid that unless there is a practical
reason to move it again). In any case we have the mirror set up so if
gitlab.com stops to be a viable solution we'll move there.

Regarding formating patches (for the future), a good solution to do it
(so it is applicable) is calling git format-patch after doing commits,
that preserves commit messages and ensures that it is possible to apply
it to the branch it was made on.


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