Is this thing on? Cross-compiling for ARM

Daniel KochmaƄski daniel at
Fri Jan 11 18:09:44 UTC 2019

Congrats! Please send me photos of the phone running ECL, I'll brag
about it on social media ;-)

> So, to follow up on this I've gotten ECL running on the SailfishOS 
> emulator.  In the end (after finding the right web page) it was
> pretty 
> easy to get shell access to the emulator and run `./configure`,
> `make` 
> and `make install` there.  Although it's a cross-compilation
> environment 
> it worked without an issue.
> Now on the EQL!  (SailfishOS runs QT (but with their own layer on top
> of 
> it :-( ).)
> And then try to get it running on the actual phone...
> Thanks again,
> Erik

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