Build error on Raspbian Buster

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Mon Dec 30 20:09:44 UTC 2019

Hello Dave,

thank you for the report.

Dave Richards writes:

> When I build --with-dffi=included everything builds fine.  When I build
> --with-dffi=system I get the following build error: (sorry for those escape
> sequences, not sure why they are there, I bet there is some colorization
> going on somewhere, which is ironic since I am blind and it doesn't help me
> a bit).

The log you have attached means, that libffi on your system is older
than the one we've tested with (or that it was build without complex
float support). These are symbols from libffi. I've submitted the issue
to the tracker, we should identify the problem during the call to

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