Is this thing on? Cross-compiling for ARM

Erik Winkels aerique at
Sat Aug 3 21:36:45 UTC 2019

Hi Rene,

I got sidetracked by work and family life, but I started playing with 
this again yesterday:

On 2019-02-17 08:43, Renaud Casenave-Péré wrote:
> I am the one who packaged ecl for salifish and put it on
> As per my light testing it is working fine, together with EQL5 which 
> I also
> packaged.

Do you have any hints for on how you got EQL5 packaged?  I've got 
building ECL down to repeatable steps but with EQL5 I run into issues 

- `printsupport` and `uitools` in the .pro files
- `#include <QtPrintSupport>` in a lot of generated header files
- `#include <QUiLoader>` in one header file


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