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Gunter Königsmann gunter at
Sun Oct 28 09:46:09 UTC 2018

> ECL (and I'd suspect GCL has a similar problem) does not have image
> save utility. That means there is no such thing as save-lisp-and-die,
> so all alterations to the system (i.e from repl) at runtime are not
> part of the final executable.
> When building executables ECL compiles all files in a system definition
> and (optionally) produces a single executable composed of these
> objects. Your compilation may depend on some parameters and if you
> define them from REPL, they will be available during build time, but if
> you start the executable you start with bare Common Lisp and then you
> add all things which are part of compiled files. If your files are only
> loaded during compilation, then they are not in the "bare" image when
> you start the executable. So if your application depends on some
> parameters, they must be defined in one of your compiled components (or
> their dependencies).

But I added a

            #-ecl :load-only #-ecl t

Doesn't that make the component compiled on ECL?

Sorry for asking such a basic question.

If I copy the file to the source tree and change the ":private-file" to
an ":file" everything builds and runs fine.

Kind regards,


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