I don't seem to receive emails to the list by François-René Rideau

Spiros Bousbouras spibou at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 19:04:45 UTC 2018

When I look at
I see 3 posts by him all in the thread "Oddities in ECL tests on Linux" .I
haven't received any of them (they're not in spam either). Before this month
last time he posted on the list was on 2016-12-27 with
Message-ID: <CAN7nBXcjskn=J3oRJTBJVt1mJBY+DKVs-hFjOtTHtB0aoenp6w at mail.gmail.com>
and I received that one (and previous emails by him). So the question is
whether anyone else has the same problem.

Spiros Bousbouras

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