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> On 25 Sep 2017, at 22:47, John Mercouris <jmercouris at> wrote:
> Hi Pascal,
> Thank you for your email,
> 1. You’re correct, I had to manually copy the libraries in to the app bundle, I just did something like:
>  > cp /usr/local/lib/libeql5.1.dylib ./
> 2. I saw the message is within ECL, I found the exact file with the error message, it is located in ecl/src/c/unixint.d
> I figured my problem was unrelated to the libraries, but I wasn’t 100% sure, just wanted to include all information,
> 3. I have no idea how to read assembly, I mean I can pick through it, but I won’t be able to really understand what’s going on, nor would I know how to even attach a debugger to the process, are there any other ways that I can examine what’s going on? A source file I can look at? Should I be looking for issues within ECL or EQL?

You don’t need to understand the assembly code; you can just watch the name of the functions around the indicated location.

In the case of my version of libecl, I would find:

[pjb at despina :0.0 documentation]$ otool -t -v -V  /opt/local/lib/libecl.dylib|grep -A300 -e '^_cl_boot:'
0000000000001d34	movl	0x22ddce(%rip), %eax
0000000000001d3a	testl	%eax, %eax

#x1d34 + 1025 = #x2135

00000000000020e2	callq	0x151748 ## symbol stub for: _si_getcwd
00000000000020e7	movq	%rax, 0x708(%r13)
00000000000020ee	movl	$0x1003, %esi
00000000000020f3	movl	$0x1, %edx
00000000000020f8	movl	$0x1, %ecx
00000000000020fd	movl	$0x1, %r8d
0000000000002103	movl	$0x1, %r9d
0000000000002109	movq	%r14, %rdi
000000000000210c	callq	0x151814 ## symbol stub for: _si_make_vector
0000000000002111	movq	%rax, 0x250(%r15)
0000000000002118	movl	$0x4, %esi
000000000000211d	movl	$0x3, %edx
0000000000002122	movl	$0x1, %ecx
0000000000002127	movq	%rax, %rdi
000000000000212a	callq	0x15163a ## symbol stub for: _si_fill_array_with_elt
000000000000212f	movq	0x250(%r15), %rax
0000000000002136	movq	0x10(%rax), %rcx
000000000000213a	movq	%rcx, 0x240(%r15)
0000000000002141	movq	0x20(%rax), %rax
0000000000002145	movq	%rax, 0x248(%r15)
000000000000214c	movq	0x320(%r15), %rax
0000000000002153	movq	%rax, 0x134b0(%r13)
000000000000215a	movq	0x22dbef(%rip), %rdx
0000000000002161	movq	0x22dbf0(%rip), %rcx
0000000000002168	leaq	0x4980(%r13), %rdi
000000000000216f	movl	$0x203, %esi
0000000000002174	callq	0x150026 ## symbol stub for: _cl__make_hash_table
0000000000002179	movq	%rax, %r15
000000000000217c	movq	%r15, 0x22daad(%rip)
0000000000002183	leaq	_char_names(%rip), %rbx

we can see that calls to SI:GETCWD, SI:MAKE-VECTOR and SI-FILL-ARRAY-WITH-ELT are made just before that address, and a call to CL:MAKE-HASH-TABLE will be called just after.

So if I had the error at the same cl_boot+1025 offset, I would infer there’s some problem with the allocation of a vector.
(But this is not consistent with your file not found error, so check your own copy of the library, you may find other functions around the cl_boot+1025 address).

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