Help.doc loading in Binary

John Mercouris jmercouris at
Thu Oct 5 03:29:11 UTC 2017

Hello everyone, I’m running ECL + EQL 16.1.3, Mac OS High Sierra

I can produce a binary with ECL, but I have an issue, when I try to run it on anybody’s computer: I get the following:


Condition of type: FILE-ERROR
Filesystem error with pathname “SYS:help.doc”.
  1) the file does not exist, or
  2) we are not allowed to access the file, or
  3) the pathname points to a broken symbolic link.
No restarts available.

Top level in: #<process TOP-LEVEL>.


I’ve determined that the cause of this error is a file missing at: /usr/local/lib/ecl-16.1.3/help.doc

I’ve been able to get binary files to work on other people’s machines by copying the help.doc file to the appropriate
dir. Unfortunately this is not a practical solution for distribution.

Is there any way to tell ECL to not attempt to load this file? Any patch I can apply to the source? Thanks,


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