Android question (for porting EQL5 to that platform)

PR polos.ruetz at
Sun Jun 25 16:20:34 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to port EQL5 to the android platform.

There is a big show-stopper to this:
- building ECL for android only works with NDK r9 (which is really old already)
- building EQL5 for android only works with NDK r15 (for Qt 5.9; but
Qt5 requires a recent NDK anyway)

Since I need to link the both together, I have an incompatibility
issue during the final linker step.

Now, the only solution I see (so far) would be this: making ECL work
with latest NDK r15.
Did anybody already give it a try? Is it feasible at all?

(We need to look at what we would be gaining: EQL5 on android, using
QML and Lisp, just would be too nice to have!!)

Thanks, Paul

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