Android question: does cross-compiling require a 32 bit host ECL?

Daniel Kochmański daniel at
Sat Jul 1 20:20:29 UTC 2017

Yes, this is true. The problem is that ECL compiler doesn't have 
distinction between host architecture and target architecture (it just 
transpiles code) - so if host implementation has long-double, it will 
produce C code using long-double, if 64 bit integers are present, then 
transpiled code is used for that.

I'm aware of that problem and I plan to separate compilation and target 
features. That said, it's probably not something what will be fixed in 
the upcoming release. Definetely doable though (and useful).

On 01.07.2017 20:37, PR wrote:
> Hi again,
> In the process of porting EQL5 to Android, I stumbled upon this problem:
> The app crashes on Android during read_VV(), if the lisp library has
> been cross-compiled using a 64 bit ECL.
> To solve this problem, I need to use a 32 bit ECL for cross-compiling:
> but this would mean that for cross-compiling EQL5 apps we are required
> to stay with 32 bit ECL for EQL5.
> Probably not a big deal, but could the Android gurus confirm this?
> Thanks,
> Paul

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