Feature request: dlopen(NULL, ...

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Tue Jan 3 07:42:46 UTC 2017


see may comment under the issue. This addition looks like a plausible
feature to implement and it seems that it can work also on Windows.

I like the second proposal, to make it a separate function
ffi:load-main-program, because this is different from loading libraries.

If someone steps in and implements it, it is important to add regression
test to src/tests/normal-tests/embedding.lsp (so we can check if it
works on other platforms / architectures by simply issueing make check)
and adding information about this interface to the new documentation to
src/doc/new-doc/extensions/ffi_dffi.txi . Also implementation should
cover also Windows. Otherwise I'm putting it in my backlog, but I
probably won't tackle it very soon.

Best regards,

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