Android question: how to connect to swank, running on android?

PR polos.ruetz at
Thu Aug 24 12:48:46 UTC 2017

2017-08-21 12:14 GMT+02:00, PR <polos.ruetz at>:
> ...

Well, I'm not really happy to announce that it (kind of) works now,
but only with an ugly hack:

As suggested by Luís Oliveira (Slime mailing list), I added a 'break'
at the start of function 'swank::close-connection%' (in file

Now I can connect as usual, and Slime will break into the debugger
(caused by the 'break').

And now the funny/bizzare part: as soon as I click on any function of
the Emacs 'Backtrace:' list, the usual Slime REPL is shown and fully

I only need to pay attention on restarts, to never select the last
ABORT option, because this would close the connection to Swank...

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