Android question: how to connect to swank, running on android?

PR polos.ruetz at
Sat Aug 19 14:32:19 UTC 2017

Hi again,

so, the progress of the new android REPL is going well, it already
runs Quicklisp and can start swank, and right there I'm stuck now:
How does one connect from the local computer to the android device,
which is running the SLIME-listener?

They are connected via USB, and the device is /not/ rooted.

Since this is certainly of public interest, I ask here, thanks for any help!
Below the link to the current APK of the REPL (you'll need android
version >= 4.1, API >= 16):

After launching the app, do (there is currently no feedback of the
progress, sorry):

  (quicklisp)   ; should take less than a minute, with a fast internet
  (start-swank) ; same as above (needs to byte-compile all 'contribs')

If I run:


it lists the running "SLIME-listener" process, so it seems to work...

Thanks for any help!


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