ecl-16.1.2: new maxima testsuite failure

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at
Mon Feb 29 16:56:47 UTC 2016

>>>>> "Andrey" == Andrey G Grozin <A.G.Grozin at> writes:

    Andrey> maxima-5.37.3 built with ecl-16.0.0 runs its testsuite without unexpected 
    Andrey> errors. When buils with ecl-16.1.2, it fails in

    Andrey> Running tests in rtest8:
    Andrey> ********************** Problem 104 ***************
    Andrey> Input:
    Andrey> ev(e5, au = 0, omega = 2)

    Andrey> Result:
    Andrey> - u
    Andrey> quad_qawf(%e   , u, 0, 2, sin, epsabs = 1.0e-10, limit = 32, maxp1 = 100,
    Andrey> limlst 
    Andrey> = 10)

    Andrey> This differed from the expected result:
    Andrey> [0.4000000000000001, 2.216570948815925e-11, 175, 0]

This usually means quad_qawf caught some kind of error and gave up and
returned a noun form.

Might help to do (trace slatec:dqawf) to see what's happening.

We should probably also add some internal debugging so that we can see
what kinds of error is actually encountered.


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