Bad slot inheritance in ECL

Faré fahree at
Tue Dec 27 00:29:05 UTC 2016

I'm facing an "interesting" bug in ECL: in my branch of cffi at
I try to define a static-image-op that has gather-operation
'compile-op and gather-type :object because I want to force all
objects to be linked, and using the same 'lib-op and :static-library
as image-op cause objects unreferenced by ECL to be dropped. However,
though I override these slots in my defclass, they don't seem

(require "asdf")
(asdf:load-system :cffi-toolchain)

(in-package :cffi-toolchain)

(defclass foo-op (image-op)
  ((gather-type :initform :object :allocation :class)))

(defun g (o) (asdf/bundle::gather-type (make-operation o)))

(DBG :foo
     (g 'image-op) ;==> :static-library, as expected
     (g 'static-image-op) ;==> :static-library, but expected :object
     (g 'static-program-op) ;==> :static-library, but expected :object
     (g 'foo-op)) ;==> :static-library, but expected :object

I tried to extract a smaller test case by recreating in a file the
hierarchy of static-image-op, keeping only the definitions and
overrides for slot gather-type, but then it worked. Maybe the
combination of eval-when's and/or the compilation and loading play a
role in making the bug happen.

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