More detailed embedding example

Morgan Howe mthowe at
Mon Sep 28 13:25:16 UTC 2015

Hey Daniel,

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 1:57 AM, Daniel Kochmański <daniel at> wrote:
> could you add the reference - which blog post? And post the actual code
> you used?

The blog post I was referring to was
which was linked somewhere in the ECL documentation, so I thought it
might be somewhat of a canonical example. In any event, during the
course of retyping and simplifying my testing code to provide you, I
found that I made a stupid mistake. I have a series of different sets
of iterative testing C source programs, some of which have their own
corresponding lisp and others that share the same lisp code. Of
course, I was loading the lisp code from the prior test iteration and
so obviously, the function was not defined. I was traveling for around
20 hours over the weekend and actually did this while on the plane, so
I blame it on the jet lag. :)

Thanks for your quick response and for your references, I will
definitely check those out.


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