Swank server dies with any error in REPL

bruce li leilmyxwz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 15:54:42 UTC 2015

As I checked with the top-level repl, si::*break-level* is already 1.
If I eval (let ((si::*break-level* 1)) (si::tpl)) in the slime buffer,
it won't abort connection anymore. But I lose the capability of using
SLIME's debugging buffer. The errors will be directly dumped to the

Another question, possibly unrelated:
I'm trying to hook up C++ callbacks with lambda func. But when I issue
cl_funcall in the C++ side, any error in the execution of the lambda
func will abort the execution of the program. Is there any workaround?
Or should I use an alternate routine instead of cl_funcall to make it


2015-09-01 21:34 GMT+08:00 Daniel Kochmański <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
> Hello,
> if you call lisp forms from C code (after cl_boot), then you have no set
> handler, so if your code signals a condition, then it goes uncought. If
> that's a case, you could do something, what toplevel does (setting
> handlers etc), or set si::*break-level* to 1 and call tpl:
> (let ((si::*break-level* 1)) (si::tpl))
> this should spawn toplevel console and won't exit. If you want to set
> proper handler consult src/lsp/tpl.lsp file in ECL sourcecode.
> Regards,
> Daniel
> bruce li writes:
>> Hi, there,
>> I'm pretty new to ECL. I'm currently considering embedding ECL in a
>> game engine. When I interactively interrupt the program and drop into
>> the repl, I load up swank with quicklisp and create swank server with
>> (swank:create-server :port 4005).  I can connect to it from SLIME. But
>> any error in the statement, either by deliberately typing sth wrong,
>> will cause swank server to close instead of dropping into the
>> debugging environment. I have no idea why this happens. It turns out
>> that if I start swank on a different thread with
>> mp:process-run-function, it goes well. But since the game engine is
>> based on OpenGL, multithreading rendering isn't an option. I wonder if
>> there is any way to get around the swank server and enable its
>> debugger when it encounters error.
>> Thanks,
>> Bruce
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