[Ecls-list] threading failures

Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Tue Sep 1 05:04:58 UTC 2015


that's probably my fault, sorry. I've migrated bugs manually and
probably missed this one (I remember this bug! but can't find anywhere).

I'm adding it to regression tests in repository, thanks!  Yes, old
reports are unfortunately lost.

As a sienote, please use ecl-devel at common-lisp.net mailing list – I'm
closing the old one today. You can subscribe here
https://mailman.common-lisp.net/listinfo/ecl-devel . All archives before
2015-08-10 are imported to the new one and gmane stream is redirected
(if you use it).


James M. Lawrence writes:

> Hello, the threading bugs I reported a while ago appear to have not
> survived the migration from sourceforge, and the old pages are now
> 404'd. There were a number of test cases, including
> (defun test (message-count worker-count)
>   (let ((to-workers (mp:make-semaphore))
>         (from-workers (mp:make-semaphore)))
>     (loop repeat worker-count
>           do (mp:process-run-function
>               "test"
>               (lambda ()
>                 (loop
>                    (mp:wait-on-semaphore to-workers)
>                    (mp:signal-semaphore from-workers)))))
>     (loop
>        (loop repeat message-count
>              do (mp:signal-semaphore to-workers))
>        (loop repeat message-count
>              do (mp:wait-on-semaphore from-workers))
>        (assert (zerop (mp:semaphore-count to-workers)))
>        (assert (zerop (mp:semaphore-count from-workers)))
>        (format t ".")
>        (finish-output))))
> (defun run ()
>   (test 10000 64))
> RUN will eventually hang on all versions of ECL I've tried, including
> the latest. Another test case was a variant of the above using a
> homemade semaphore. I can rewrite that and other test cases, but
> before doing so I'd like to know whether the old reports are really
> lost or have survived in some form.
> Best,
> lmj
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