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Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Sun Oct 4 12:27:42 UTC 2015

Faré writes:

>>>> 2- once again, why not use the linker support for initialization?
>>>>   If behavior has to depend on whether ECL was initialized yet,
>>>>   the initialization could consider in calling ecl_register_init_function,
>>>>   which depending on whether ECL was booted, would either call the function
>>>>   and/or add it to a hook.
>>>>   See once again attached files on how to use linker support for
>>>>   initialization.
>>> Fact that we might bundle many objects in one archive doesn't mean that
>>> they don't have dependencies on one another. *I think* that we have to
>>> strictly control initialization order. It's possible that I'm wrong here
>>> though.
> It *is* possible to strictly control initialization order while using
> linker functions:
> either ensure that you link objects in the correct order (duh),
> and/or have your ensure_foo_initialized functions explicitly call each
> other.

How will it be different from the current approach (except introducing
some compiler dependnet extensions)?
>>> Also do we want to *always* initialize *everything* what is linked? We
>>> may have compiled-in support for number of lisp libraries in one module
>>> just for conveniance and require them on demand depending on the
>>> application using our code.
> There again, the linker-called code could "just" register the initialization
> function to be called later, if that's what you want.

As above.
>>> I'm guessing here since it's a design decision made by someone
>>> else. Your proposition is surely worth investigating - it is like it is
>>> because it was that way when I approached the codebase.
> Some decisions that might have made sense 30 years ago when C++
> was a new thing and linkers didn't specially support constructors
> don't make sense 30 years later when linkers do.

Is there any clear benefit from using such constructors over the current
approach[1] (except the pride of using modern approach)?
> I'll attach my proof-of-concept code, that didn't make it to the list.
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[1] Given it is bugfree(tm)

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