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Hernan Ezequiel Di Giorgi writes:

> I think the problem is other, the beginner evaluates that a project without
> a website is a little (or abandoned) one, and more if a project used to
> have one website and now it hasn't. Can a beginner real understand the
> sourceforge web page? And being redirected to another source hosting
> platform? And that without any advice.

Yes, I do realize that. That's why I bought domain in fact - to make one
URL pointing to all resources we have. Hosting isn't a big problem
either - I have my own server, and common-lisp.net hosting is kind
enough to lend us enough space.
> And when you arrive to gitlab page... what can you see? Nothing....
> Commits... what that mean? Can the beginner traduce that to a real ECL
> activity?

Hmm, I think that a good starting point would be for time being
https://common-lisp.net/project/ecl, which has direct links to wikipedia
and issues page. That's why I did put this url in mentioned post.
> Perhaps, the easier way is to create a website showing the evolution and
> news. And obviously some way to download the ecl in binary form. Github
> provides support for static websites, via jekyll, so no real webhosting is
> needed.
> This is my opinion.

Thank you for feedback, it really matters. I agree, that website with
news, sources and binary builds for base platforms would be a great
thing to have - it is in a backlog. If somebody steps up, and create and
maintain nice looking website, I'd be very happy (as I said, hosting
isn't a problem). Doing it on my spare time I have to make priorities -
what comes first, and what could wait, or if we could use a band-aid to
delay something in time.

Best regards,

> 2015-05-01 9:32 GMT-03:00 Daniel Kochmański <jackdaniel at hellsgate.pl>:
>> Dear all,
>> I have commited news post at:
>> https://sourceforge.net/p/ecls/news/2015/05/ecl-quarterly---volume-i/
>> Please let me know, if you like it or not, and feedback, plus what do
>> you think- what should land there in next three months :-)
>> Thanks,
>> Daniel Kochmański
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