[Ecls-list] [emscripten support] Now ECL compiles without threads support under win32

PR polos.ruetz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 22:40:23 UTC 2015

2015-03-15 16:56 GMT+01:00, Rujia Liu <2575127 at qq.com>:
> Ctrl-C also works:
> it terminates the program normally without crash.

just 2 generic observations:

- Ctrl+C should /not/ terminate the program, but break into the
debugger (to terminate the program, one would use Ctrl+D, at least on

- current ECL (with thread support), when run from a Unix shell on
Windows, also doesn't crash, but terminates the program (again, /not/
the desired behavior)

These are just observations, as I'm no expert of ECL internals.


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