[Ecls-list] Emscripten support?

Daniel Kochmański jackdaniel at hellsgate.pl
Thu Mar 12 21:01:31 UTC 2015


I think it is possible and porters are welcome, altough I'm not planning
to do it myself for now (after cleaning bugs, minix and android are in
queue, also I have a few ideas about features for ECL after that).

In my opionion this task is within reach and it would be nice to have CL
working on user browser.

BR, Daniel

Rujia Liu writes:

> Dear all,
> Anyone interested in emscripten support of ECL? I'm talking about this because 
> 1. ECL's code is quite portable
> 2. ECL's only dependencies: bdwgc and gmp are both supporting emscripten (though bdwgc's emscripten support was added in July 2014, not yet available in last stable release)
> Does that mean we might be able to add emscripten support to ECL with a reasonable amount of work? I don't have much experience about emscripten (though I used some js libraries generated by it) and I don't know much about ECL's internals, so I might be wrong. But at least I'll be glad if some people can discuss this a bit.
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