[Ecls-list] ecl-15.2.21 build failed with visual studio 2012 express (ecl_min.exe crash)

Daniel Kochmański jackdaniel at hellsgate.pl
Fri Mar 6 10:24:23 UTC 2015


tomorrow we are releasing quickfix release which might help with your
problem. Could you try to compile version from rc branch? You can
download sources from here:


If you could, please report back, if it was succesfull or not. Thanks!

Best regards,

LL L writes:

> Hi,
> I tried to build ecl from souce code.
> nmake -f Makefile
> got following error message [I tried on both 32/64 bit windows 7 
> machines. same error.].
> Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 11.00.61030.0
> Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
> C++ compiler flags: /EHsc /DGC_DLL /DGC_BUILD /nologo 
>   /DNDEBUG /MD /O2
> C++ linker flags: /link /incremental:no /nologo /nodefaultlib:libcmt 
> /nodefaultl
> ib:libcmtd /nodefaultlib:libc /nodefaultlib:libcd /nodefaultlib:msvcrtd.lib
> ECL Modules:  cmp asdf sockets rt defsystem profile bytecmp ecl-curl 
> deflate
> ECL Features: (cons :wants-deflate (cons :wants-ecl-curl (list* 
> :builtin-bytecmp
>   :wants-bytecmp (cons :wants-profile (cons :wants-defsystem (cons 
> :wants-rt (con
> s :wants-sockets (cons :wants-asdf (cons :wants-cmp (cons :wants-dlopen 
> *feature
> s*))))))))))
>          set ECLDIR=./
>          ecl_min < compile.lsp
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'ecl_min' : return code '0xc00000fd'
> Stop.
> I Googled around, and found the unsolved thread with same issue.
> http://sourceforge.net/p/ecls/mailman/message/31653977/
> Please help.
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