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Rujia Liu 2575127 at qq.com
Wed Jun 24 10:46:26 UTC 2015

sorry for the confusion. for some reason I am unable to post the exact error messages. I will try to reproduce the error on my home pc ASAP.

The problem is that make-build calls compile-file-pathname internally and the error is not directly from make-build

When I manually try something like (compile-file-pathname "a" :type :program) it complains that LIB is not supported.

Could you also give me some hints about other points (missing c::build-program, cannot compile usocket and most bundled examples etc)? Thanks!


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I'm confused. Please explain the following.

2015-06-24 13:12 GMT+03:00 Rujia Liu <2575127 at qq.com>:

However, I ran into an error when calling it: compile-file-pathname does not support OBJECT when i use type :fasl and does not support LIB for type :program

:program should give you executable. :shared-lib or static-lib should be enough if you are calling lisp from other programs. 

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