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Rujia Liu 2575127 at qq.com
Wed Jun 24 10:12:28 UTC 2015

Thanks! make-build is exactly what I need.

However, I ran into an error when calling it: compile-file-pathname does not support OBJECT when i use type :fasl and does not support LIB for type :program

compile-file-pathname seems like a function to determine the file extension. Maybe my ecl is not properly built? I did not see any error during the build process, and can run some small script successfully, however I failed to run most programs in "examples" directory. Does that mean my ecl is not working or the examples are broken?

Moreover, my program used cl-store and usocket, both if them failed to compile (but many other packages in quicklisp can compile with my ecl)

I also tried c::build-program but that function even does not exist.

and when the error occurred the possible restarts are prompted but when I entered the restart number, the number is simply echoed back and nothing else happened.

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Rujia,

Please see the asdf source.


You can link systems together and build an executable. See defun make-build.


2015-06-23 18:20 GMT+03:00 Rujia Liu <2575127 at qq.com>:
Dear all,

I want to migrate a win32 application previously built win ccl, to ecl. With ccl I used CCL:SAVE-APPLICATION to save a big exe file (after loading neccesary libraries), which works perfectly. However, with ecl, I only know how to write a simple exe which loads & run a bunch of on-disk fas files. Is there a way to package everything (mainly fas files. we can have separate dll files) in to the exe, because the program directory will look cleaner.

Thanks in advance.

- Rujia

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