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Thu Feb 19 19:30:45 UTC 2015

I think this is a wonderful idea and would love to see Daniel take over 
the project.  As a very long time ECL user (since version .02 as I 
recall) who has pretty much lurked here on the list, but quietly used 
ECL for a long time, I've been very saddened to see ECL stagnate.  I 
would love to see this project get some new blood in it and I'd also be 
willing to offer my help if I can get some free time in the future.

But at this time, I wanted to voice my support of Daniel as a new 
maintainer.  Although I don't know you sir, you seem to have great ideas 
and I look forward to seeing some new life in ECL.

Thank you.

On 02/15/2015 02:55 PM, Daniel Kochmański wrote:
> Hi all,
> most of you have probably noticed, that ECL is unmaintained for quite a
> while. Some spontaneous attempts are made, like submitting a patch, or
> answering question - what is great, but insufficient. Many important bug
> fixes last on git head, a few potential improvements wait in patch
> queue. The other words - ECL starts to smell funny, what's a shame,
> since it's a great project.
> I'm writing to mailing list to volunteer myself as projects
> maintainer. I'm sure there are people better suited for such role, but
> since nobody asks for it, I do. Please reply to this message with
> protests or support, if any. I'm full time embedded engineer with strong
> C background, and solely speaking - CL new-be. Since I'm full time
> worker, I can spare only a few hours a week, but I'm sure it would be
> sufficient for start.
> Short plan of things, which have to be done (any help welcome) - in
> descendent order:
> ** Roll out a new release
>     Many bug-fixes lie on git, and are absent on current release. It is
>     really important to make a new release.
>     1. Introduce new branching model
>        http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/
>     2. Move development to gitorious
>        Split separate projects into separate repositories (libffi, gmp)
>     3. Patch submissions
>        I think it would be plausible to move patch submissions to
>        mailing list, so they can be commented.
> ** Refresh
>     1. Website
>        I find it counter-intuitive and hard to navigate. Sitemap should
>        be rearranged, and maybe even moved from SF.
>     2. Materials
>        Wiki's subscription is ended now. It should be brought back.
>        Usage examples should be easier to find and study.
>        It would be nice to have tutorials describing, how to install and
>        embed ECL in project.
>     3. Patch/feature/bug queues (as started by Arto)
>        Decide, which patches need to be merged into ECL, reject the
>        rest. Same with feature requests - if something is beyond our
>        reach for now, should be tagged as won't do. Bug reports should be
>        checked for these already fixed, not-bugs and some which won't be
>        fixed anytime soon.
>     4. Actualizing ECL support libraries - libffi breaks on build for
>        armv5 (new version works like a charm). It is also at least worth
>        considering switching to lgpl3 (for pragmatic reasons) - this one
>        requires further discussion, but first things first.
> ** Evolve
>     1. Third party libraries
>        - Use most recent libraries (asdf, quicklisp, swank, etc)
>        - Treat libffi as separate project /move to more recent version/
>        - Treat libgc as separate project /consider lgplv3/
>     2. Make more ports
>        - Android (merge patches, write nice tutorial)
>        - NaCL
>        - Minix
>     3. Regression / testing / deployment
>        - vagrant
>        - automated reports
>        - suggestions?
>     4. ECL java application for android
> ============================
> I already wrote similar mail to Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll (attached as
> reference), and he suggested to write to mailing list.
> Best regards,
> Daniel Kochmański
>> Hello,
>> my name is Daniel Kochmański, and I want to say, that I am really
>> impressed by your work on Embeddable Common Lisp, and I want to thank
>> you for it. I find ecl nice piece of software and consider it a great
>> opportunity to learn.
>> I'm writing to you, because I want to be maintainer of it. I have strong
>> C background, and I'm learning Common Lisp, so it wouldn't be very good
>> pick if project is actively developed, but since it starts to smell
>> funny (pun intended), I think it won't be a bad idea. I'm full time
>> embedded systems engineer, so I can spare only few hours a week, but I'm
>> convinced it would be sufficient for start.
>> First thing I'd like to do is to roll out a new release, since git head
>> has many improvements over current release (especially bugfix for
>> bordeaux-threads), and cleanup of feature-requests and bug-reports on
>> SourceForge.
>> Then I plan to move development to gitorious, and host third party
>> libraries as separate projects. Also, branching model would change -
>> current commits will land on "develop", and "master" will be kept for
>> releases only. I'm also considering reorganizing, or even moving ecl
>> site from SourceForge, because I find it really hard to navigate. There
>> is also problem with wiki, where subscription has ended, and needs
>> reactivation by one of the wiki organizers (according to wikispaces).
>> Next thing would be actualizing libffi (build breaks on armv5 on old
>> sources included with ECL), and merging patches for android and nacl
>> builds - I'm working on it on my local repository lately. After that to
>> attract more people, I think that would be a nice idea to make android
>> app, which will bring ECL to android devices.
>> What do you think about this proposition? I was convincing myself to
>> write this mail for few weeks from now, but I'm still not sure if I
>> should write to mailing list first. Anyways, again, thank you for
>> keeping this project alive for so many years.
>> Best regards,
>> Daniel Kochmański
>> --
>> Daniel Kochmański | Poznań, Poland
>> ;; aka jackdaniel
>> "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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