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Mon Aug 17 06:56:29 UTC 2015

  #include "vim.h"
  #undef CAR
  #include "ecl.h"
  #include "network_io.h"

No big deal, if you ask me.

Also, Jim uses the "released" version of ecl, which puts ecl.h at (I
think) /usr/local/lib/ecl/ecl.h; I use a recent CVS of ecl, which puts
ecl.h at /usr/local/lib/ecl/ecl/ecl.h; for a while I just didn't
download the Darcs patch that changed my initial

  #include "ecl/ecl.h"

back to Jim's

  #include "ecl.h"

but eventually I did, and just configured Vim like this:

  export CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/lib/ecl/ecl"
  ./configure [...]

and that worked for both versions of ecl.

> Perhaps you could list them and I will change the headers
> accordingly (there are many types and functions that must get the
> ecl_ prefix some day).

When we run into any, we'll definitely tell you.


-- Larry


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