[Ecls-list] Cannot specify external-format

田中慎一 shinichi.tanaka45 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 12:31:34 UTC 2015


I cannot specify external-format (for example "(:crlf :cp932)") on my

I want to write string to file with some encoding. So I type in my REPL
like this:

(with-open-file (out "test.txt"
                 :direction :output
                 :external-format '(:crlf ext:cp932))
  (write-string "some string" out))

Then invoked debugger and it shows that:

The function EXT:MAKE-ENCODING is undefined.
   [Condition of type UNDEFINED-FUNCTION]

When the external-format is :utf-8, string is successfully written.

Is this an wrong way? Or my environment is broken?

Just for your information, I send below.
Please tell me if it's not enough.

> *features*

 :X86_64 :COMMON :ECL)
> (lisp-implementation-type)

> (lisp-implementation-version)


Thank you,

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