[Ecls-list] Stack saving: any interest?

Morgon Kanter morgon.kanter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 20:36:52 UTC 2014

I've been working on a resource project for developing lightweight
("green") threads in Common Lisp, without needing ahead-of-time code
walking like in the green-threads library. Part of the project has
necessitated adding the ability to save and restore the stack as part of
the underlying Common Lisp implementation. I've chosen to use ECL for the
project as it is a small and more easily understood codebase.

My question is -- would there be any interest in merging this functionality
back into ECL proper once I've completed it? The proposed interface is

(mp:save-stack) -- returns a stack object (can be used as a first-class
lisp variable, garbage collected normally, etc.).
(mp:restore-stack stack-object) -- restores the stack to that given by
stack-object. This function does not return.

-- Morgon
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