[Ecls-list] Random on OpenBSD

Timo Myyrä timo.myyra at wickedbsd.net
Sun Feb 23 16:50:24 UTC 2014


I noticed that ECL seems to use poor random implementation on OpenBSD.
The file in question is src/c/num_rand.d.
There the 'good' implementation uses /dev/urandom but such device is not
available on OpenBSD so it will fallback to poorer implementation.
OpenBSD has /dev/random and /dev/arandom and as far as I know both use same
It seems that it would be trivial to patch the code to use for example
/dev/arandom on OpenBSD but I was wondering would it be better to use arc4random
functions instead?

Details about OpenBSD random devices can be found here:


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