[Ecls-list] quite successfull build Tru64 (ev68) 5.1 with gcc 4.2.3

Fausto Saporito fausto.saporito at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 19:31:43 UTC 2014

Hello all,

just to say I was quite able to build ecl-13.5.1

some changes to the standard build process:

1) build gmp outside the process (using native compiler but using the
source provided in the package). I found some asm errors compiling
within the building process. So I preferred to build separately with
the Compaq CC.

2) ecl_min building: is missing -lpthread and -lrt otherwise we have
undefined symbols

3) some missing definition : UULONG_MAX, etc. I added in src/c/main.d
the following lines (borrowed by INTERNET ... if I remember well they
are from Bruno Haible)

# define TYPE_SIGNED(t) (! ((t) 0 < (t) -1))

# define TYPE_MAXIMUM(t) \
    ((t) (! TYPE_SIGNED (t) \
      ? (t) -1 \
     : ~ (~ (t) 0 << (sizeof (t) * CHAR_BIT - 1))))

#  define ULONG_LONG_MAX TYPE_MAXIMUM (unsigned long long)
# endif
# ifndef LONG_LONG_MAX
#  define LONG_LONG_MAX TYPE_MAXIMUM (long long int)
# endif
# ifndef LONG_LONG_MIN
#  define LONG_LONG_MIN TYPE_MINIMUM (long long int)
# endif

quite at end I have a serious error, compiling ext/socket.c
complaining that socklen_t is not defined... so I added

typedef unsigned long socklen_t; /* 64-bits */ in ecl-cmp.h

but now, running again the make I have an error:

;;; Compiling #<concatenated stream 0000000144c36e60>
(compile-file "ext:sockets;sockets.lisp" :output-file
;;; OPTIMIZE levels: Safety=2, Space=1, Speed=1, Debug=1

Condition of type: SIMPLE-PACKAGE-ERROR
There exists no package with name "SB-BSD-SOCKETS"

Should I delete build directory and make again everything ?

I used --without-x and --enable-c99complex options, the other ones are
the default ones.


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