[Ecls-list] License issues

Bruce-Robert Fenn Pocock brpocock at star-hope.org
Fri Sep 6 12:48:08 UTC 2013

My somewhat loose understanding is that the v3 largely was designed for
leverage against patent "trolls," in that it includes text that prevents
one from enforcing software patents. I believe this is why some larger
"commercial" users have been wary of it.

It also includes the "anti-Tivo" requirements which could affect firmware
authors, which expand end-users' ability to replace the LGPL library with a
modified version in firmware.

In the case of mixing code, these are furthermore "additional restrictions"
which prevent mixing LGPL 2&3 code or GPL v2&LGPL v3 code within a single
module, although not, I think, within a program which "uses" the library,
so long as the user can still relink with an altered version.

IANAL, naturally …
After revisiting the GMP vs MPIR problem I have come to realize that
both libraries have switched to the LGPL v3+ model.

I am weary of the LGPL v3+ because, as far as I understand, it is more
restrictive than the LGPL v2 which is used in ECL. Indeed, from the
background discussion that I recall when v3 of the licenses were
introduced, the goal was to make commercial uses overall more

I personally would not rather switch if this means trouble. Could
someone more experience help me understand the differences?



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