[Ecls-list] undefined-function function args

Matthew Mondor mm_lists at pulsar-zone.net
Sun Jun 30 06:39:58 UTC 2013

On Fri, 28 Jun 2013 05:48:09 -0400
Matthew Mondor <mm_lists at pulsar-zone.net> wrote:

> Ilya, I'm not sure if you want this for debugging or to implement lazy
> function creation.  If for the latter, I would suggest using a custom
> protocol to call those special functions which should be automatically
> instanciated.  This would be portable and could be altered for your
> needs...  i.e. a funcall-like layer.
> If it's for debugging, with a high enough debug level we can see in the
> stack trace that TEST was the culprit attempting to call WOJOWEJ.  It
> would thus also be possible to modify TEST to add explicit checks or
> logging.  Is there a reason why is this not enough for your needs?

It also occurred to me that for generic functions without an applicable
method, the corresponding no-applicable-method method, if it exists,
will be called and passed the arguments.

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