[Ecls-list] Building a standalone executable of Maxima

baruchel at gmx.com baruchel at gmx.com
Tue Jun 18 10:08:15 UTC 2013


first of all I am very new to ECL and I apologize if you think is question
has already been asked many times. I had a look on the web, but couldn't
really find the answer.

I managed to compile Maxima with ECL, and I can use it by following:
(this is taken from the Maxima release)

> (8) Load the compiled Lisp files:
>     (load "maxima-build.lisp")
>     (maxima-load)
> (9a) Run Maxima from the loaded image.
>     (cl-user::run)

But I can't figure out how I can build a standalone executable from that.
First of all, I found two different commands:
I don't know which one has to be used. Furthermore, I don't see really how
I can use them for making an executable from the three lines to be typed.

regards, tb.

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