[Ecls-list] help analyzing library regressions on ECL in quicklisp 2013-06-15

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Sat Jul 6 19:18:38 UTC 2013


New quicklisp 2013-06-15 has some regressions - some libraries that loaded
OK previously now fail to load.

Here is the diff of test results between quicklisp 2013-06-15
and the previous one:

In this report status codes like "(LOAD <asdf-system-name> FAIL)"
mean that ql:quickload for that ASDF system failed. Clicking the status
opens the ECL log of ql:quickload.

As you can see, for some reason ECL is the most affected - has
more new failures that other lisps.

It's been almost two weeks since I saw these results,
but still haven't time to find out the reason and report to the library authors.

So I decided to ask for help on the ECL's lists. If some users
can investigate these problems, it would be very welcome.

If anyone finds new information regarding these problems, please
report your findings here or on the cl-test-grid at googlegroups.com
(web interface: https://groups.google.com/group/cl-test-grid).

Best regards,
- Anton

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