[Ecls-list] regressions between ecl-12.7.1-ce653d88 and ecl-12.7.1-e90b2f12

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Mon Oct 8 20:51:35 UTC 2012

Hello Juan Jose.

I have tested the last git version of ECL - e90b2f12, and compared it with 
one of the recent versions tested not so far ago - ce653d88.

Please check this report: http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-test-grid/ecl-lisp-to-c.html

It presents only results which are different on the two compilers (exclusive-or between
results for old version and for new one).

If the left column (old compiler) has red result and the right column
(new compiler) has green result, it is an improvement.

If the left is green and the right is red - it is a regression.

What deserve attention here are problems of loading cl-json.test and clem ASFD systems.
Probably they are caused by the same error.

I reproduced them in REPL like this:

  #rm ~/.cache/common-lisp/

   (require :cmp)
   (ql:quickload :cl-json)
   (ql:quickload :cl-json.test)

   => stack overflow

   ;;;; the second problem
   (ql:quickload :clem)

    => stack overvlow (the first time you run this)
         or "The function CLEM:ARRAY->SB8-MATRIX is undefined."
         (if you restart ECL and run it again).

The bytecode compiler seems to have the same problems
(or maybe it's a single problem), plus it has another error 

    In form (#<foreign-built-in-type :UNSIGNED-CHAR>)
    FUNCTION: Not a valid argument #<foreign-built-in-type :UNSIGNED-CHAR>.

Here is the bytecode report:

Best regards,
- Anton

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